Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Anyone who dealed with forms and php applications knows about emails. There a lot of questions about mail() function at
I got a class from sourceforge which makes my life mush easier.
You could make a piece of code which sends HTML email with attachment in a few minutes using it.
My script shows a form, where an user could enter his name and upload a file which will be sent to admin.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Portable Web Server

good portable web server - WOS portable

What is portable web server?
It is just full server environment fitted on flash-stick or CD(DVD)ROM.
WOS includes Apache web server, MySQL, PHP4&5 and a couple of PHP apps - such as OsCommerce, PHPMyAdmin and others.

It allows you to run your favorite site offline, on a client's desktop for example.

Sunday, September 2, 2007

PHPAuction runs on PHP 5

I had to use PhpAuction v2.0 in order to create a website for my client. But this script is written in old fashiniod way and it requires register_globals to be set on. I prepared a little patches for it. Files that should be fixed:
includes/ (Place the code below to the begining of the file)
$p = array_merge($_GET,$_POST,$_SERVER); foreach($p as $k=>$v){ $GLOBALS[$k] = $v; }

admin/ (Place the code below immediately after session_start();)

In this way PhpAuction v2.0 from could be used on both PHP 4&5 with register_globals switched off