Wednesday, October 10, 2007


SugarCRM v4.5.1 could be successfuly installed on Godaddy's shared hosting.
There are many posts at both Sugar's and Godaddy's forums indictating the existing incompatibility between them. But now it is possible with following assumptions:
1) switch to PHP5 using .htaccess
2) make MySQL 5 database
3) Upload and install SugarCRM

PS: IMAP functions are still unavailble at godaddy so some SugarCRM functionality will not work.
PPS: Don't hesitate to ask if you need help to install Sugar or any other software.


vine admin said...

OK, so I need help. I am running into problems left and right on the install and with the shared hosting plan, and my limited knowledge, I've been fishing and fishing and coming up with nothing.

ptalus said...

What exactly does happens?
Do you use PHP5 and MySQL5?